Our Story

In 2005, the brilliant producer, Aymie Majerski and award-winning director and editor, Terry Lukemire had this idea to use their 20+ years of experience to partner on founding a film/video production company with the purpose of destroying the walls of individual workflows, to introduce a more collaborative working environment to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the years, Barking Fish has produced work for Fortune 500 companies, top agencies, and major local businesses to build a reputation of producing memorable high-quality, professional, innovative content. As we continue to create worlds outside the tank we strive to stay true to who we are. We have built a culture around professionalism, high energy, positivity, creativity, and innovation. Our work has fostered many professional partnership and relationships, that we continue to build upon now.  




Our mission has always been to create worlds outside the tank. We make this happen by building authentic long lasting memorable experiences with our community, networks and friends. From individual creators or artists to commercial corporations, we put our people in the middle; focusing all of our resources, passion, years of experiences, and networks to build a world around them.

Authenticity. Passion. Creativity.


The Barking Fish Approach

No two worlds are alike

Our approach is what defines us. 

1. Getting to know you

Tell us about yourself; What are your hopes? Your Dreams?

Research all about your industry, your target audience and possible threats, and opportunities

2.  Dynamic brainstorming, Building a tailored plan

Starts with fulfilling immediate needs

Leverage our resources to begin linking resources around the brand or company

3. Jumping out of the tank! 

Lights. Camera. Action. We get the cameras rolling for you

4. Long Term Success

Teaching you to market your new content and drive measurable results   


Our vision has always been to create worlds outside the tank. Have we created yours?