Where to Find Audio and Video Production In Cincinnati or Northern KY?

video and audio in Cincinnati NKY

You may be looking to record music, or voice over work in a recording studio that is conveniently located. Maybe you are looking for a company who can shoot video at different locations of your choosing. Many projects require professional audio and video that sounds and looks high-quality. It can be hard to find a one-stop shop that can fulfill all your production needs within your budget, but Fox Sound Studios and Barking Fish have teamed up under one roof in downtown Cincinnati to do just that (pictures below). With access to some of the best recording studios in the area, we have the ability to do sound design, music recording, podcasting, and produce other types of audio to the highest standards. Our video production quality can also be scaled to fit any project budget. Whether you are looking for 4k footage shot on a Red camera, a multiple camera shoot, or simply interview footage shot on a 1080p DSLR camera – we will make it happen.

Fox Sound Studios is known for doing work for video game sound tracks on games such as NBA 2k, Bioshock, Borderlands, Mafia III, and many more. Their knowledge or music licensing and connections in the entertainment industry make them the perfect partner of Barking Fish. While Fox Sound Studios are known for being one of the top recording studios in Cincinnati, Barking Fish is known for being one of the best video production houses in Cincinnati. This means that you can get the best quality production from start to finish of any media project under one roof. If you are located outside of the Cincinnati area, we can come to you with our gear and our professionals. Our goal is to make beautiful works of media look easy, and make our clients feel relieved at how painless the process can be.

One of our biggest strengths is our close relationships with video and audio professionals in this area. We have been working with many of these people for over ten years and have strong, trusting relationships with them. We know who we work well with and who has the most strength in the areas that will best fit the needs of your project. Since we have relationships with a wide variety of professionals, it allows us to cover more area and bring our services to people who are outside of the Cincinnati area. Not only do we have relationships with audio and video technicians, we also work with casting directors, writers, graphic designers, movie directors, make-up artists and other professionals that are needed to complete higher-budget projects. Our longevity in this industry and this part of the country has allowed us to grow in many ways. We are not just reliant on our full-time employees to complete projects, we have many outside team members that are able to come in and help when their help is needed. Luckily for us, our outside team members are some of the best in the business and have no shortage of work outside of what we bring to them. On the other hand, we also have no problem booking them on our jobs due to our long-lasting relationships built on trust and responsible business practices.

If music is your specialty, Fox Sound Studios works with professional musicians, singers, and other artists on a regular basis. The studio was founded, built, and designed by Rick Fox who was the touring keyboardist for David Bowie; so you know that the studio is set up perfectly for musicians. Music videos, on the other hand, would fall in to the hands of Barking Fish with our years of experience in this field. Taking it a step further, the branding and marketing of artists is also one of our specialties. We can
help you do everything from creating a new logo to building a new website to host your media content. Do you have a new album that is about to be released? Let us help you advertise the release on Google or on marketplaces such as Amazon. We really embrace working with artists of all types. We love working with other creatives!

That being said, corporate work is where we spend most of our time and effort. It takes a decent sized budget to produce content that utilizes our full team, gear, and audio facilities. Many companies will do without some of the higher-end audio production services we offer due to budget, and that is fine. But for the bigger companies with the highest standards, we can meet their demands by utilizing their larger budgets to pay audio engineers, videographers, voice over talent, and anyone else that will help us turn their vision into reality. Sometimes a company will come to us to help them figure out what that vision should look like. No matter where you are in your creative process, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your media marketing goals. Whether that means concepting, creating storyboards, or simply taking your vision and making it happen; we are up for the job and we love a challenge.

So look no further for professional audio and video production in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. We have you covered, regardless of the size and budget of your project. If you have any questions about what was mentioned in this blog post, feel free to contact us with your questions. We love to teach people about our industry and what can be done to bring your ideas to life. We can be reached at info@barking.fish or you can reach out to me personally at jake@barking.fish to get any questions you have answered.