Before the cameras roll or the keyboards click, we want to make sure that your creative is well
thought out and fully developed. Barking Fish is available to be a creative partner offering:
Conceptualization: Perhaps you know what you want to achieve, but are not quite sure where to
begin. The Barking Fish creative team will work with you to determine exactly how to deliver your
message. Once a creative solution is selected, we are ready to move on to fully developing the idea.
Scriptwriting: The Barking Fish writing team will take the seeds of an idea and grow them into a
tangible vision ready to be heard.

Storyboards: Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in
sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or
interactive media sequence. Once you’d determined the creative solution and fully scripted the
message, Barking Fish is available to storyboard! A storyboard will help you and your team fully
grasp what you will SEE at the end of the project.

Pre-Production Services: Pre-production is an important part of any project. Barking Fish is
available for all of your pre-production needs. This includes: casting, hiring crew, securing locations
& equipment in addition to coordinating logistics necessary to ensure a successful production.
Barking Fish offers full-scale production and post-production services. Our team of passionate
and experienced production service providers, editors and designers will be there to support you
every step of the way.

Production: The producing team at Barking Fish will manage all aspects of your production from the
crew to the catering; we’ve got you covered. Barking Fish carries full coverage production insurance
and has access to and relationships with crewmembers and production resources around the
country. Production services include directing and cinematography.

Editorial: Barking Fish is a fully operational Post-Production facility offering creative and technical
services. The team of experienced artists and technicians are committed to understanding your
vision. Editors work on the most up-to- date FCP HD software and plug-ins available to professional

Motion Graphics & 3D Animation: Barking Fish has created a niche in the marketplace as the
premiere motion graphics and animation studio. Design Director, Joe Busam, has won numerous
awards and has been recognized internationally for his Motion Graphics work. Joe and his design
team work primarily within After Effects and Lightwave to truly Elevate your project to the next